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(Examples: Farmers, Ranchers, Beekeepers, Foragers) 


  • Produce that has been grown on the producer’s land (including leased land) located within 150 miles of the market attended. 

  • Meat (excepting fish, fowl and feral animals), that is from animals born and bred on the producers’ land (including leased land) and processed at a USDA inspected facility as well as processed meat products such as bacon, jerky and sausage, or products such as eggs, cheese, yogurt, honey, soap or yarn from these animals. 

  • Foraged and wild-crafted items where the producer responsibly wild harvests a raw agricultural product from their own land, leased-land or public land (where foraging is allowed) and packages the item(s) with minimal additional ingredients. Example products include yaupon tea, chile pequin, henbit or ramps. 

  • All agricultural producers must maintain least 75% of products/items sold at market comprising their own agricultural products to maintain this vendor category. 

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(Examples: Salsa, Hummus, Cider, Dog Food & Treats, Baked Goods, Herbal products)

  • Culinary products from any operation that has changed the form, flavor, blend and/or the substance of raw products using as many market products as available, preference given to those vendors who use local products. Organic ingredients can be incorporated when available. Commercial kitchen must be within 150 miles of the market attended. Value Added vendors operate as Cottage food producers as categorized with the State of Texas. 

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Client Subtitle

  • Vendors offer freshly made food and drinks available for sale and immediate consumption on-site at HSFM. These products may be hot or cold ready-to-eat foods or drinks under a Class B City of Hutto Farmers’ Market Health Department permit. Products must use as many market products as possible, preference given to those vendors who use local products. Organic ingredients may be incorporated when available. Commercial kitchen must be located within 150 miles of the market attended. 

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(Examples: Beauty and skincare products, jewelry, art, ceramics)

  • Materials from outside the area of the farmers’ market when integrated with other local products or created by a local artisan located within 150 miles of the market attended. 

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(Examples: Pet adoption groups, voter registration, Girl Scouts)

  • Non-profit, non-partisan organizations may apply for complimentary booth space at any market based on availability. No fundraising allowed at markets and no sales activities allowed.  

Other Definitions  

Producer-only farmers’ market: A market at which vendors, their family members or their employees are permitted to sell direct to consumer items which they have themselves produced. 

Reselling: Buying and reselling any item without additional ingredients or modifications to the existing product.  Example: 1) farmer selling fruit or vegetable grown by another person or from a wholesale outlet.  2) purchasing balsamic vinegar and repackaging/labeling as your own product. What is acceptable is infusing, blending or adding other ingredients to make it your own. 

Co-packed Item: An item that is prepared, packaged and/or labeled by another entity with your recipe and/or products from your farm or ranch. 

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture: created so a farmer could sell “shares” of their crops and the CSA customers could support that farmer through hard times and benefit through bountiful ones. The farmer has a better idea of how much to grow, he gets his money in advance and has customers for the season. Our markets have agreed to be distribution points for CSAs. Items that are not the farmer’s products may be included when items come directly from market vendors, but in no other circumstance. 

Dumping: Selling at substantially less than market averages. 

Seasonal Producer: An agricultural producer that grows only agricultural products that are not possible to grow year-round and are highly seasonal. An example would be a farmer only growing peaches. 

Specialty Producers: A producer that offers items not usually grown within the 150-mile radius but a relative or agent brings the items to market. Example: Citrus from South Texas that is to be sold by the grower or his/her employee or family member.

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